Holly Farm Rehearsal Ideas

Tam’s Notes
This makes an excellent Family Style meal for a small group, or just a simple delicious buffet. It allows you to gather all of your wedding party, family and close friends and have a low-key dinner that is both classic and flavorful.

Tam’s Notes
A BBQ themed rehearsal can be fun because it is so different from the wedding but is filled with the kind of comfort food that makes people feel happy and relaxed. I love using red check cloths with blue splatterware plates and white roll ups on the table with simple assorted mason jar and wildflower centerpieces…combined with mason jar votives wrapped with raffia to set the whole look off.

It’s a clean simple polished and very very fun look. A fabulous “homecoming” for those friends and family you haven’t seen for years!

Tam’s Notes
We created this menu for a group that was mostly vegetarian but we can easily substitute a yummy protein option- may I suggest Chef Jon’s-out-of-this-world Fried Chicken? (It is amazing, though I am hesitant to back up his challenge that it beats any Grandma’s recipe anywhere).

With this rehearsal it would be fun to serve Marry Me Tea made with lemonade, Iced Tea and Sweet Tea Vodka with a sprig of mint and a lemon wheel. You can purchase fun stripey straws on line to complete the look!

Tam’s Notes
I probably shouldn’t say that this is the best part about getting married at The Holly Farm…but, well, it’s pretty great! These rehearsals are best when you have quite a bit of time and want to make a big splash. It embodies both the elegant and rustic flavors that make having this space to gather in so special.

My favorite look for this rehearsal is to have white table cloths, red check overlays, white napkins, straw covered Chianti bottles, lots of candles and seasonal greenery with grapes strewn down the center of the tables. It is gorgeous and dramatic and sets the tone for a fun dinner that looks completely different than what your guests will see the next day.


Tam’s Notes
Small metal buckets with Pacifico and Negro Modelo, plus Sangria, Mango Margaritas and Mexican Sodas say let’s have some fun!

We can go all out and do the tables in a combo of bright happy fiesta colors (I like to pick 3-4) you can do colored napkins on white cloths or alternate different colors tablecloths and napkins. Some cute little succulents in clay pots on the tables and you have a pulled together party that is a real crowd pleaser.

Tam’s Notes
*Sometimes you just can’t host everyone for dinner two nights in a row…but it sure would be nice to see them when they come into town…

So how about dinner for some of your guests and then invite a larger group for dessert? The trick with this is to have at least 90 minutes between dinner service and dessert to give us time to clean up from the main meal so that neither your dinner guests or dessert group feel awkward.

Dessert, Coffee, Adult Beverages… It can be a lovely way to welcome additional guests without breaking the bank!



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